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Boost Metabolism With The South Beach Diet

When you want to boost metabolism and get your weight loss off to a jump start, try the South Beach Diet. This will enable you to lose about 10 pounds in two weeks if you follow the diet properly.


The difference between the South Beach Diet and the controversial Atkins diet is that you can eat all of the foods from the food pyramid during the diet plan. Whereas the Atkins diet will restrict you from eating carbohydrates to boost metabolism, the South Beach Diet encourages eating the right carbohydrates.

No doctor is going to tell you that you should not eat fruits and vegetables and only eat meat. Yet this is the Atkins diet philosophy. The South Beach Diet encourages you to eat the right carbohydrates in the right amounts and has three steps to it that boost metabolism by jump starting your diet, allowing you to lose weight in a safe and sensible way and allowing you to maintain the weight loss. The South Beach Diet is very popular with many people, including celebrities, because it allows you to take off the weight quickly, which is very much desired, then to lose additional weight that is needed safely and to maintain the weight loss.

When you are trying to lose weight, starving yourself is just not a good idea. Not only does it make you feel weak, but it actually thwarts your weight loss plan. Because you are starving yourself, your body is not getting any fuel it needs for energy. So it slows down the metabolism to compensate. When your metabolism is slowed down, you cannot lose weight because your body does not have the strength to burn energy.

When coupled with exercise, the South Beach Diet is an excellent way to lose weight and boost metabolism at the same time. It is not only an effective weight loss plan, but it is easy to do. It just involves eating sensibly. You should not eat simple carbohydrates when you are dieting. Simple carbohydrates are those foods that are made mostly with sugar such as candy, cakes and cookies. Complex carbohydrates, however, such as fruits and vegetables, should be consumed as they have nutritional value. You should not have fried foods. The South Beach Diet teaches you which foods are right for you and in what type of quantity.

In order to lose weight, you have to boost metabolism, something that gets more difficult to do as you get older. The way to do this is to eat and not to starve. The reason many diets fail is because they require someone to pretty much starve themselves. The metabolism slows down, the person does not lose weight like they would like to do and they go off the diet. In most cases, they end up gaining additional weight. By implementing the South Beach Diet, you can boost metabolism, not go hungry and still lose weight.


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