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How to Lose Abdominal Fat And Keep It Off

How to Lose Abdominal Fat And Keep It Off


Looking for ways to lose abdominal fat, then this is the article for you. Below are just some of the tips on how to lose abdominal fat and help you keep the weight off.

1. This is old one but one of the best ones - get into your veggies! Eat at least 5 servings of veggies a day, and you will be on your way to maintaining a healthy weight. Fresh vegetables are high in nutrition, low in calories and loaded with fiber. Look at adding plenty of vegetables to every meal, preferably half a plate filled with veggies like spinach. Not only will it help keep your calories lower, it will help you stay fuller longer. Vegetables can really help curb hunger pains.

2. Time to Huff and puff with the best cardio workout - the interval method. Start out at an easy pace for 90 seconds (about 40% of your maximum effort), then increase your speed to the fastest pace you ca maintain for 30 seconds (about 95% of your maximum)- that\'s one interval. Repeat 5 times, for a total 6 intervals. It is short but intense, and the best part is - it will save you time away from home or work. And unlike traditional steady state aerobic exercise, it will keep your body burning fat at a higher rate for hours after you are finished. You can do this on the park or on a treadmill, but if you are packing more than 20 extra pounds, opt for an exercise bike to minimise the stress on your knees.

3. Leading a healthy lifestyle is one way you can make your life better. A lot of things that happen are out of your control - but this is something you can control - like going for a walk outside can make every thing better, helps clear your head and just makes you feel more appreciative of life. When you decide to take action, just lean into it, don\'t make radical changes all at once - it is a setup up for failure. Just look at constantly upgrading your lifestyle to improve you health.

4. Food diaries - keeping a record of what you eat and drink each day does more than just keeping tabs on what you consume. A study found keeping a \'food diary\' can help you lose weight because it lets you see exactly where those hidden calories are coming from. The study showed that those who didn\'t keep a food diary only lost half as much weight compared to those who did.

5. Get come carbo fitness - that is complex carbs. Complex carbohydrate are a saintly group - they consist of wholegrain breads, cereals, legumes, rice, pasta, starchy vegetables and fruits. If you combine complex carbs with protein, it actually causes a series of fat burning reactions to occur. Complex carbs like protein require more energy to be digested. When both are present they work together to spur your metabolism on to feed the muscle and burn the fat. Eating sensibly and including all good groups will bring success. The right fuel for your body will turn you into a mean, lean machine! Hence try to cut down on the white rice, white bread and other processed foods and add more whole-grains into your meals!

Although losing weight is hard work - it should not be about food deprivation. Instead it should be about making positive changes over time, enjoying your favorite foods in moderation but in the same time reducing the amount of bad foods you eat, and getting some kind of regular exercise. And when you blend all this in, you are well on your way to losing that abdominal fat. So take action, be consistent and stay patient.

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