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Chromium Supplements: What is the best source?

Chromium Supplements: What is the best source?


As one of the natural minerals found in the body, chromium is considered to be important. but until today, the exact amount of chromium levels that one should have in their body has yet to be established. Chromium actually comes in two forms: chromium 3+ or trivalent, which can be obtained from foods; and chromium 6+ or hexavalent, which is considered to be the toxic form of this mineral. To function properly, your body requires a health amount of chromium 3+.

While chromium is highly effective in regulating pancreatic insulin and thus aids in the treatment of type 2 diabetes, this important mineral also plays a part in regulating your body\'s metabolism and the storage in your body of fats, carbohydrates and protein. Just how this occurs is still an avid subject of medical research, but a primary focus of such research is analyzing foods to determine their chromium content, discovering even more about the benefits of chromium, and addressing the issue of chromium supplements and their role in supplying our body\'s need for an adequate amount of chromium.

Given that chromium deficiency can cause several medical problems, and that too much chromium can be toxic, we can fortunately get much of the chromium we need through natural foods like meat, seafood, poultry, whole grains, dairy products, fruits and vegetables. Food that has a high fat and/or sugar content actually depletes chromium from our bodies. To help you understand the chromium content in food (measured in micrograms), consider this list:

Broccoli and red wine lovers may find this list especially helpful! But it is unwise to over-indulge in either, of course. Foods that are high in sugar actually cause chromium depletion. Thus, people with type 2 diabetes should avoid sugary foods and instead consume food that is high in chromium because of its ability to regulate blood sugar (pancreatic insulin). Chromium also plays an essential role in regulating your metabolism and the storage of fat, carbohydrates and protein.

Chromium is found in two forms: chromium 3+ (\"trivalent\", obtained from food) and chromium 6+ (\"hexavalent\" that is the toxic form of this mineral). To function in a healthy manner, your body requires a sufficient form of chromium 3+. Chromium from foods is not well absorbed by your body; your physician may determine that taking a chromium supplement is right for you.

Since it is difficult to gauge whether you have more than sufficient levels of chromium in the body, you might need to consider taking chromium supplements. They are available in various forms and you should first seek the approval of your doctor before taking these chromium supplements. Once you received the approval of your doctor, you can buy chromium supplements from most pharmacies and health stores. For more convenience, you can check out those offered by online stores. You can enjoy great discounts as well as free delivery. Just make sure that you purchase these chromium supplements from reliable sellers so you can avoid being a victim to fraud.

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